Seattle - Craft Beer Capital

styled and photographed by k.mae studio 

styled and photographed by k.mae studio 

Seattle/Tacoma area has the most breweries than any other cities in America. Currently there are 174 breweries in Seattle/Tacoma according to the  Yakima Valley which is about 2.5 hours drive to south east from Seattle has over 70% of entire hops production in U.S., which may explain why IPA is so popular in Seattle. I visited hop farmer in Yakima Valley during harvesting last year. It was so beautiful. I still remember the aroma of freshly harvested hops, which had some resemblance of citrus and coriander.

Another reason why craft beer is so popular is that we have culture to favor local products and higher quality products. This trend also welcomes small restaurants and farmers market, which I appreciate tremendously.

I didn't know the concept of growlers until I moved here in Seattle. We can buy craft beers by growlers, so that we can enjoy nice draft beer at home or bring to parties, too. 

Well, this week is Seattle Beer Week. Go out and enjoy nice craft beer. Cheers! 

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