Food Photographer of the Year 2017

Ladytini by Kayako Sareen

Pinklady© Food photographer of the year is happening in UK. They had the highest submissions this year (over 8000!) and the quality of the images are becoming to be more compelling. I am excited to let you know that my image "Ladytini" has been shortlisted! 

When you have a chance, please vote for your favorites. As we all learned in US last year, every vote counts! People's Choice Voting is available now through April 5th, 2017. My photograph is listed in the category called PinkLady© Apple A Day

How I came up with "Ladytini"? Well, I really like the name "Pink Lady" for apples. I think it's a clever marketing name since it's easy to remember, we can associate with the color of apples easily, and it's whimsical. I wanted to emphasize the whimsical part of it, and also something masculine yet contains beautiful soft line of "a lady". 

Last year, my photograph "Pink Ladies" earned 3rd place in the same category, Pinklady© Apple a Day. Did I tell you that I like this category so much?! 

There are so many mouth watering images! Please go though the images as you will enjoy beautiful images (and will make you hungry :) 

Thank you very much for stopping by and read my blog. I will keep it coming! 

ピンクレディフードフォトグラファーオブザイアーが今年もイギリスで開催されています。今年は過去最高の応募率だったそうです。その8000点以上の写真の中から550点がセミファイナリストとして選ばれ、その中に私の作品も含まれています! 今はピープルズチョイスボーティングと言って皆さんからの票を集めています。お時間があるときに是非投票してください〜。私が参加したカテゴリーは PinkLady© Apple A Dayというカテゴリーです。4月5日まで行っています。