Photographs are like wine

Brooke 2009

Brooke 2009

I was going through my archived photographs and came through images that I captured when I started off my photography business journey. I felt like that I was on the time machine and went right back to the time I captured those images. I clearly remembered the conversation that I exchanged with my clients, weather, steps that I followed to take photographs on those particular days. 

Family portraits are like wine in my opinion. The longer you keep, the higher the value will be. We establish stronger emotional attachment when you see the photos from 5 years ago than last year, or even stronger for 10 years ago than 5 years ago. Don't you think?

Also, by looking back those times, we start to cherish the present, Looking back memories make us realize that this moment we are now won't last forever. So we better cherish and enjoy everyday. 

Well, it's not too late to start your family tradition of family portrait session. Contact us and we will start creating emotional treasure! 

Thank you for stopping by and read my blog. I will keep it coming!

Jamie and Liam 2009

Jamie and Liam 2009




家族写真はプランを立て始めた時が吉日です。ご家族の温かい思い出を作りませんか? 是非ご連絡ください♪