International Cheese Day



Raceltte at Fremont Sunday Market

Raceltte at Fremont Sunday Market

Happy New Year!

The other day, I stumbled upon this raclette at Fremont Sunday market. The half wheel of raclette cheese is broiled to melt and scraped on the sandwich, potatoes or produce of your choice. This is the same way I had raclette in Switzerland. It's so tasty. 🧀🧀🧀 @fireandscrape. Perfect comfort food in cold days. No wonder, January 20th is an international cheese day :) Let's enjoy some nice cheese

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フリーモントの日曜マーケットでラクレットの屋台を発見!スイスで食べた方法と同じように丸太のチーズを半分に切った切り口を温めて溶けたところを削り落としトロトロをいただきます。美味しい〜❤️ 寒い日にはお腹にたまるチーズ、美味しいですよね。ところで、1月20日はチーズの日ってご存知でした?!