Hi everyone! "One Food, One Month" project continues, and the theme of March is BREAD. I recently watched the documentary film called Cooked by Michael Pollan. Not only amazing cinematography, Michael talks extensively about bread in one episode. He said that we enjoy eating air by eating bread. I thought it's very interesting and I wanted to show that particular expression of "eating air" in my photographs. 

Also, I wanted to capture the process of bread making since bread needs extra tender care. I got an opportunity to take photographs of bread making process at 21Acres. I believe their bread is one of the purest I can find in my neighborhood. They use organic products and absolutely no preservatives! The ingredients of bread that I photographed were flour, salt, water and yeast. That's it! It tasted so good, too! If you have never been here,  I highly recommend to check out their market. They have produce from local farmers, pickled items and more! 

Thank you so much for stopping by and read my blog. I will keep it coming!




そして、パンの作る過程でどれだけパンがデリケートなものかを表してみたい、と思いました。幸運なことに、Woodinville にある21Acresさんで撮影させていただきました♪21Acresさんはサステイナブルをモットーとされ、余計なものは一切入れないクリーンな食べ物を扱われています。私が撮影させていただいたパンも小麦粉、イースト、水、塩以外は何も入っていないとってもクリーンなパンでした。しかもとっても美味しい!Woodinvilleにはたくさんワイナリーもありますし、週末の楽しいお出かけ場所になりますね♪