Homemade Chicken Ham

Homemade Chicken Ham by Kayako Sareen

Homemade Chicken Ham by Kayako Sareen

I have shared some pictures of home made chicken ham before via Instagram and Facebook. I have made it multiple times and now I am ready to share the recipe! You can't expect to eat it right away as it takes almost one week for an entire process, but it's totally worth it. I buy organic chicken breast from Costco and make a bulk, slice (and dice) and freeze them :) We usually enjoy chicken ham as panini sandwiches and chicken noodle soup. 


Chicken brest - 2 pieces

Sugar - 1 Table spoon

Salt - 1 Table spoon


1) Remove skin and fat from chicken breast and place them in a bowl

2) Add sugar in 1), and gently move the chicken around to coat sugar evenly

3) Add salt in 2), and gently move the chicken around to coat salt evenly.

4) Place chicken in a ziplock bag or vacuum sealed bag and remove the air as much as you can

5) Put 4) in a fridge for 6 days

6) Take out the chicken from a bag and place them in a bowl

7) Fill up water in a bowl with chicken. slowly discard water. Fill up water again and let it sit for 30 minutes, and discard water. Repeat this process one more time. Make sure not to "wash" or scrub chicken in this process.

8) Lay plastic wrap on the flat surface, sprinkle dried herb or spices of your choice. Place a chicken on top of the sprinkled herb or spices. Wrap chicken individually tightly. I wrap them like a candy wrapper, and wrap one more time. Make sure that there is no air coming in.

9) Boil water in a pot. Place wrapped chicken slowly. When the water reaches boiling point again, turn the heat off and place a lid on a pot. Let them cool down.

10) Once the chicken cooled down, it's ready to eat. I, however, put back the wrapped chicken in a fridge for at least 2 hours. I feel this process helps chicken to  absorb all the great flavor.

11) Enjoy! 

I suggest trying small amount of chicken to find your own taste. 

Thank you so much for stopping by and read my blog. I will keep it coming!

自家製チキンハムの写真を以前インスタグラムとフェイスブックで載せたことがありますが、何回かトライを重ねてやっとしっくりくる方法ができたのでご紹介します♪ 初めから終わりまで約1週間かかるので、すぐに食べたい!ってことにはいきませんが、作る価値あります!.私はコストコでオーガニックの鶏胸肉を購入し、多めに作ります。ハムはスライスにしたものと角切りにしたものを冷凍保存しています。主に、パニニサンドイッチやチキンヌードルスープに使用しています。もちろん、そのまま食べても美味しいですよ♪

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