National Chocolate Lover's Month

hot chocolate deluxe!

I started a project called "One Food, One Month" this January. Coffee was the theme for January. Now, I have been working on this month's theme which is CHOCOLATE! Coincidently, I found out that February is the National Chocolate Lover's Month. Ha! It makes sense with valentine's day is in February. Also, chocolate tastes extra good when it's cold outside, don't you think?

Thank you so much for stopping by and read my blog. I will keep it coming!

今年に入って『一ヶ月、一つの食べ物』というプロジェクトを始めました。一月のお題はコーヒー。今月のお題はチョコレートです♪ 偶然なことに、2月は『チョコレートが大好きな人たちの月』なんだそうです。バレンタインデーもあり、寒い季節にはチョコレートがさらに美味しく感じますよね。